Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments stimulate blood cells and encourage the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin strength, and elasticity increased collagen retards skin degradation and the wrinkles that accompany aging.

  • Enhance Collagen Production
  • Diminishing Skin Conditions
  • Slowing Wrinkles' Skin Degradation
  • Hydrate and Skin Revitalization
Facial Treatment


Dry, Oily, Dull Face or looking to cover up unsightly facial blemishes? Facial may help!

About us

Cornelia Skin-Care was funded in 2004 by Cornelia Vasilescu with extensive training in Cosmetics & Skin-Care well recognized by Babor Cosmetics in GER and USA.
Whether you are seeking maintenance, advanced therapies, or cellular repair, Cornelia will create a customized program complete with a home-maintenance regime to best rejuvenate and preserve your skin.


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